Too and Loo are music notes who escape from a cracked record.
Gumby Too Loo

Gumby Too Loo


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After Gumby woke up from his nap, he got up to turn off the record player. Two giant sentient notes jump out of it and hide in his mouth from the sour note, which also jumps out of it. When the sour note flies away on the record, the notes, Too and Loo, come out of Gumby's mouth and explain that they want to go home to the instrument they came from. Gumby agrees to take them to Music Land and help them find their home. Unfortunately, they forgot what instrument played them, so Gumby has to try them all, and they go into crying fits with every mistake. Gumby decides to put on a show to cheer them up. Meanwhile, the sour note has found their hiding place and he's using his little flying record to try and catch them. While the real notes hide, Gumby turns himself into Too and Loo. The sour note catches him, but then he turns back and catches the note. The note tells Too and Loo that they came from the flute.