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Title screen for The Moon Boggles

Gumby The Moon Boggles

Gumby The Moon Boggles

The Moon Boggles
is an episode of the original Gumby series, which was produced circa 1967.


Gumby hears a news bulletin that two Moon Boggles have escaped from the zoo. The announcer advises listeners to lock their doors and stay inside. Just then, Gumby receives a call from the mayor about the Moon Boggles (whom Gumby reveals are a boy and a girl). He says that Moon Boggles can only be caught with a net made of native moon silver, and that he'll catch them right away. Pokey, who just came over to his lab, thinks that Gumby said "boondoggles", but Gumby corrects him and gets his net ready. Pokey accompanies him.

At a nearby hill, the frigid-natured Moon Boggles admire some flowers, that freeze solid when touched (everything the Moon Boggles touch freezes solid). The girl Moon Boggle thinks that the flowers are too cold. The two later play hide and seek around a rock.

Gumby and Pokey follow the frost trail left behind by the Moon Boggles and attempt to catch them, but end up in the deep freeze. Eventually the Moon Boggles return to their cage. The unfortunate duo later warm themselves up, receiving a call from the zookeeper that the Moon Boggles have returned. Pokey thinks this whole episode was a boondoggle, but Gumby quotes "No, Pokey, a 'Moon Boggle'." Pokey takes this as a joke, and sneezes, as does Gumby.

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