Santa Witch
It's the holiday rush in the toy store, and Pokey's on the run from crazed parents who want to buy him up and give him to their kids. He ducks into a book called "Unusual Stories", where he arrives at the North Pole, meets a seal named Cybill whom seems to be the precursor to Goo, and discovers that Santa is sick and can't fulfill his duties. Fortunately, Pokey has connections, and he calls up his old friend the Witty Witch. Pokey, Cybill, and the Witty Witch all fly off to deliver toys, using brooms to pull the sled since the reindeer will not obey them. Two naughty children stay up to watch Santa arrive and are scared out of their wits. To avoid another incident like that, Pokey has the Witty Witch wear a Santa mask to hide her gruesome face.