Gumby and Pokey get tired of reading a fairy tale, so they enter the book to watch instead. It's the story of King Ott's son, Harold, who, in spite of being a prince, was very poor. He wanted to get his fiancee a special Christmas gift and, as it turns out there's a sale on partridges in pear trees, so he goes to get one. However, the salespeople are out of partridges in pear trees and, picking up on Harold being a little slow-witted, they sell him a pigeon in a plum tree instead, which is guaranteed to make his fiancée hate him forever. Pokey wants to warn the foolish prince, but Gumby insists that they let the story run its course. (When has that ever stopped him before?) On the way to his sweetheart's house, the prince saves an elf (complete with a bag of magic pixie dust) from a wolf and, in return, the elf comes along to keep him company. As Harold goes in to greet his fiancee, Pokey decides to take matters into his own hands and tells the elf what's going on. When Harold's fiancee comes out, they're both surprised and delighted to find a solid-gold plum tree and pigeon. Gumby scolds Pokey for selfishly helping the prince find a happy ending.