Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley is the name of a place which no one has ever been to, no one has ever come from, and no one can locate. But we know it exists, because Gumby and Pokey are determined to find it by driving around the forest in their car. When their car overheats, they cool it off with water from a magic spring, which makes it fly to a place which, for the sake of argument, we'll call Hidden Valley. Gumby starts taking some pictures to prove that he's been to a place which has trees in it, while Pokey notices a dinosaur playing with their jeep. Gumby tries to ignore Pokey as he insists there's a dinosaur nearby, but it's kind of hard to ignore a dinosaur when he sets your jeep down in front of you and asks you to take his picture. Gumby gets some good shots of the dinosaur and his friends, but alas, their stay comes to a close when a predator shows up, tearing a wheel off the jeep as Gumby flies away. Gumby and Pokey bemoan the loss of the wheel.