Gumby On The Moon is the second Gumby episode.  It was aired on May 1, 1955


Gumby is on the moon.  The Red Triangle aliens are following him.  Gumby runs and hides.  Back on the ground, Gumbo and Gumba see him using a telescope.  Gumbo decides to go and get him.  Gumby on the moon without a jacket is getting cold.  Gumbo gets his firetruck, puts on a coat, and starts to raise the ladder.  When he gets there, he uses a spray to stop the aliens.  Gumby cannot move, but when they get back home, he is revived.
Gumby on the Moon-0

Gumby on the Moon-0


The characters in this episode are Gumby, Gumbo, Gumba, and the Red Triangle Aliens.

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