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Fatbuckle is a member and drumer of The Clayboys. He appears in Gumby the Movie (1995) and is voiced by Dallas McKennon.


For hair, Fatbuckle has three light blue triangles on his head, one on his head and two on his ears.  He is called Fatbuckle because he had a big belt; the name was a reference to actor/comedian Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. He has the medium height of the Clayboys, with Thinbuckle the tallest and Nobuckle the shortest.

Gumby The Movie

In the movie, Fatbuckle and the rest of the Clayboys play at a benefit concert to help the farmers.  Then the Blockheads kidnap them and they get cloned.  In the end, they are in a video shoot on TV.

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