Bread Dough is a character that appears in episode In The Dough. He shows Gumby and Pokey around the oven, but turns on them and puts them into a pie and a jelly roll.


Bread Dough is a light brown yellowish color. He has red eyes and a big head.

In The Dough

In this episode, Bread Dough gives Gumby and Pokey a tour of the oven.  He also shows them how to cook.nOnce they get to the oven part of the oven, Bread Dough expands. He and the rest of the Baked Goods make fun of them. In the end, he and the Baked Goods reveal their true colors. Then Pokey is in a pie and Gumby is in a jelly roll, but they are soon rescued by Gumba and Gumbo, Gumby's mother and father.