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TItle screen for A Real Seal

Gumby Adventures - Episode 27 A Real Seal

Gumby Adventures - Episode 27 A Real Seal

A Real Seal
is an episode of Gumby Adventures that aired in 1988.


Gumby, Pokey, Goo and Denali walk out of the book "Down on the Farm" to find a birthday present for Prickle. Meanwhile, the Blockheads seal up the book cover with Real Seal (a substance that makes nothing get in or out of book covers). Pokey spots the Blockheads as soon as they leave, and tries to get into the book with no luck. Gumby, Goo and Denali go to the Gumbo Fire Department and ask for a fire helmet that Prickle can wear. Back at the farm, a thunderstorm sets the barn on fire as Prickle practices with his guitar. Tilly gets Prickle's attention and tries to use the hose that wasn't long enough to douse the fire in Tilly's henhouse. Gumbo and Gumby, after recieving Prickle's call, try to go inside the book with no luck. Pokey shows Gumby a barrel of Real Seal that the Blockheads left behind. They notify Professor Kapp to concoct a counter seal. However, they don't deseal the book long enough. Prickle's birthday party is then moved to Denali's House, and Blockheads are forced to build a new barn in place of the one that was burned down.

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